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We provide FREE counseling, medical, legal and financial support services

Boston Adoption Bureau, (and in NH, The New Hampshire Adoption Bureau)  has been placing infants with nurturing, approved, adoptive families for 30 years. Let us help you find a loving home for your baby.

Differences from Other Agencies

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our adoption agency has a team approach for both social and legal services. We are a compassionate local agency servicing Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We will meet with you in person at your convenience. All issues are confidently handled by our experienced staff. We provide FREE counseling, medical, legal and financial support services.

Birth parents can choose from a closed to open adoption plan.

A Shared Concern

With 30 years of experience, we are one of the first agencies to provide birth parents a choice in the selection of adoptive parents for their child. Our professional staff helps both birth parents and adoptive families create their own adoption plan that is tailored to their own unique design.

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Greater Boston, Worcester Area, North Shore, South Shore, The Cape, and New Hampshire.